Top Things You Need to Know About Call Boy Sex Job

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If you are young and adult, thinking about starting your career as a Call boy to earn more money and pleasure at the same time. Here are some things you need to know about Call Boy Sex Job.

Are you thinking of starting your career as a call boy to earn more money and pleasure? Here is a complete guide and some important things you need to consider about a Gigolo Job or call boy job before jumping into it. Make sure to read it completely to get more ideas about call boy jobs and how you can join one.

Who is a Call Boy?

In a simple sentence, A call boy is a normal person or boy who is able to provide his time in exchange for Money. It can be for sexual pleasure or for providing company to someone. But most of the time Women or girls need a call boy to fulfill their sexual satisfaction. That’s why a call boy job is also known as Sex Boy Job.

Is Call Boy Jobs and Escort Services Legal in India?

Lots of people get confused between is escort services and call boy sex job is legal or not! Here is your answer, Yes it is completely legal, as you are earning by just providing your time and there is nothing illegal if two people want to be involved in sexual activities by their own choice.

Benefits of a call boy Job –

Like other careers, there are many benefits of working as an Indian call boy. Here are some major things you can get from this job  –

  • Earn as Much You Want –

Obviously, In the sex dating job, you can make as much money you want by providing your time. There are no limits.

  • Chance to Hookup with Beautiful Ladies –

Call Boy job helps you to hook up and meet with beautiful and hot girls and ladies, as maximum female looking for male escort are from rich society.

  • Get Physical Pleasure at Same Time –

If you want physical or sexual pleasure free with earning money, call boy jobs are perfect for you. As you can get lots of pleasure along with money.

Things You Need to Consider Before Joining a Call Boy Job –

Like other jobs, in call boy jobs there are pros and cons too. So here are some important things you need to consider to get the best benefit as gigolos.

  • Search Well Before Join –

There are many service providers providing call boy jobs in India. But you need to find the best and secure out of them, that can pay you a good amount of money and keep your profile secure. (Tip – Am providing the best one at the end of this article)

  • Make Sure to Provide Your Proper Information –

Without proper information about you, no clients or job givers will give you a job so don’t shy while providing important information about yourself. While applying for the male escort job in Chennai.

  • Every Time It was Not About Physical Pleasure –

Never think that Call Boy Jobs or Escort services are not only meant to fulfill sexual requirements sometimes people looking for an escort to company them or to support them mentally. But you will get to fulfill physical requirements too.

How to get a call boy Job?

Now the question is, How to get a call boy job? Or How to find the best site for call boy registration? For solving your quarries and doubt here I am mentioning a best call boy job provider in the industry and their registration Process.

Here are the steps to join the best call boy job in India –

  • Visit and Apply for a call boy Job in India.
  • Their agents will call you to clear the term and conditions.
  • Pay the registration fee online or through your bank.
  • Meet the client in a public place and go for the meeting.
  • Pay the commission fee after getting paid from the client.

You can also apply for a call boy job in your respective city by visiting, like if you are from Chennai you can directly apply for the Chennai Call Boy Jobby visiting Desire Play Boys, as they have separate and special service for Chennai.

Which Type of Women Look For Male Escorts?

In we have a broad list of rich and beautiful customers. Our most of the customers are the women seeking gigolo, young girls, Unsatisfied Housewife, widows, and business owners. By joining our call boy job you will get a chance to serve them.

As we discuss above there is a huge opportunity in this sector, as there are lots of women looking for male escort to fulfill their physical or sexual needs. If you think you can help them by providing your time, visit  or contact them on  for registration.