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Playboy Registration Services

Our Playboys Registration Services are available in Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore and Hyderabad. Everywhere sexually unsetisfied women are present those look for strong and energrtic males who can satisfy their sexual need and give them a good sexual experience.

Playboy Job Services

Our Playboy Job Services are available in Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore and Hyderabad. It is being said by someone that every man in this world looks for companion that can give protective love and care along with satisfactory sexual intimacy relationship. Whatsapp 7324909153 ; 9830186019

Gigolo Registration Services

Our Gigolo Services are available in Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore and Hyderabad. We provides male companion in good hotels. You can hire gigolos and call boys by just filling the contact form below. If you are male and looking for a part time profession then this could be the best way to earn a really good money in a sort time.


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The reality- why more and more woman are interested in Call Boy Job

The women who choose to hire Call Boy Job service are no longer rich or eccentric as they appear in the Hindi or Hollywood, but they are usually those who are exposed to cross this barrier, loaded with desire, experimental, desiring and have money.

From striptease to bed

In our country, the modality came from the hand of the exhibition of the male body in meetings or parties only for ladies. The figure of the male stripper opens the female imaginary to the possibility of "having" a seductive, muscular, and well-endowed body, just by asking: "How much will you charge?"

It goes without saying that the stripper does a nude show and may or may not be involved in selling sexual services, although a percentage of them prolong their work outside the stage. In some cases, after having gone through bored boyfriends or husbands or with open couples or "beds of three", there are a lot of women and girls who want to take a step further and hire the services of a Call Boy Job to spend some time alone. Internet has facilitated the encounter between supply and demand.
Few women are encouraged to trust their friends with the desire or experience with a Call Boy Job, therefore confidences and recommendations are rare. If they have gay friends, they may be the only ones to find out; with them they usually put aside their fists and the assumption that they will be criticized or "badly seen" by their peers. Gender differences are still valid. A man, no matter the sexual desire, has the "social permission" to do so; Women, no. 

Sex differences

Women who overcome the first fears are encouraged to repeat the experience, many times with the same young man, unless he has failed to satisfy them. They do not seek excess virility (active men, muscular and with large genital measures). They want the warrior and the prince in their bed, a fair combination of strength, sensuality and romanticism.

Male escorts know what their clients' needs are and are willing to meet them. In addition, they usually call them and remind them that they are available full time.

Male prostitution: women seeking men

Women looking for men create a market for male prostitution where the only involvement is sexual, so as not to have sentimental problems, referring to television and the famous "Sex and the city". Today, women looking for adventures, whether for sex or just for company, have "dating apps" or paid escorts with the various "Tinder", "Badoo" or many others.

It is only necessary to scroll through the images and stop where the person is particularly attractive and with a click the game is ready. The Call Boy Jobs, called, gigolos are always paid, and often married women, mature women seeking young men or women who seek sex and one-night stands turn to them.

The number one rule for dating a gigolo

The number one rule for dating a gigolo should be to always keep rational and not to let go of dreams and never fall in love. The relationship with a paid gigolo must always be considered a game by women in search of adventures but, wealthy and lonely women run the risk of abandoning themselves to fantasies far from reality. Often they are women in search of love who, not having it, fantasize in the sexual adventure under the illusion that it can become a real relationship.